Write an inmate penpal scams

Writing to an inmate can be a rewarding experience for both you and your pen pal, when it is done correctly. Prisoners are often cut off from all ties to the outside world.

Write an inmate penpal scams

I think it can be a really good thing, but it is something that can be dangerous at the same time.

Dear inmate: Do you need a friend? - tribunedigital-orlandosentinel Inmates have been turning to WriteAPrisoner. We post profiles, photos, and contact information of inmates.

Here are some tips from my experience working with inmates that may help you: Only be a pen pal if you are doing it with the right motive. That motive should be to offer another person some encouragement and hope.

Bridging the Gap.

It should not be to meet your own needs. If you are becoming a pen pal because you are lonely, you are going to be at risk to be hurt. If an inmate asks you for money, you should say no. Scams abound around prison pen pals.

Always check the prison regulations before sending anything other than your letter to the prison.

Prison Pen Pals, Russian Bride Scams and Personal Ad Schemes

Most prison will not allow even stamps to sent in with letters. Free prison pen pals should not mean free money for inmates. Do not be put in the place of contacting family members or other inmates on behalf of your pen pal.

Families may have no contact orders. The request may be a manipulation of the pen pal to get something done that is clearly illegal. It blurs the boundaries between a pen pal and a personal friend. Be very careful what you put in a letter. Always use a post office box number as your return address.

Do find ways to offer encouragement and give hope. Many inmates have not had the social networks that has taught them how to make good decisions or help them solve problems. It is public information.

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Click on the state you are interested in and it will guide you to the inmate locator page if the state has one. The ads for free prison pen pals show the need for lots of incarcerated men and women to be offered encouragement and hope.

Be safe when you sign up.Some Arkansas prison inmates are currently attempting various scams to obtain funds from pen pals.

write an inmate penpal scams

Before engaging in correspondence with an incarcerated person, the Arkansas Department of. Inmates can have pen pals — they just can't solicit for pen pals” (NY Daily News). The idea, officials explain, is to prevent inmates from committing mail fraud and scams, to protect innocent people from sending contraband and money to inmates, and for overall security and safety.

To all my friends on the board, especially the mothers, wives, girlfriends, and daughters who have a loved one incarcerated Earlier this afternoon I received a message from a dear friend who I have been communicating with for over a year. Free prison pen pals should not mean free money for inmates.


write an inmate penpal scams

Do not be put in the place of contacting family members or other inmates on behalf of your pen pal. If your pen pal writes a sexually explicit letter to you, and you do not want to write sexually explicit letters with your pen pal, it is important to be very clear with them.

We encourage you to write back and be clear about the type of friendship you are looking to have and what your boundaries are about the types of things you want to write. PenPal World - website - a place where you can meet over 2,, pen pals from every country on the planet.