Write about our national animal tiger

But a grizzly is much more fearsome than a polar bear. The grizzly has a shorter, thicker neck, heavily built skull and more powerful shoulder structure. Despite being a good foot shorter, the grizzly has a trump card. Their claws, having evolved as digging tools, are also unmatched at opening body carcasses.

Write about our national animal tiger

There are just Tigers left in our country which is very shameful for us because if we lost our national animal then it is a big deal to choose a new national animal and we should also think that as we are lossing our national animal i. This blog is just to save our national animal.

This is big issue for us.

write about our national animal tiger

Once we have to think about our national animal, there are just tigers left in our country. If the people of our country can not come forward to save tigers then who will came. Tiger Panthera Tigris, Linnaeus is the national animal of India.

Tiger is also called the lord of Jungles. The rare combination of grace, strength, agility and enormous power has earned the tiger great respect and high esteem. India is home to nearly half of the total population of tigers. The government of India launched the Project Tiger in to protect the royal animal.

Out of the eight races of the tiger, the Indian race, the Royal Bengal Tiger is found almost all over country with the exception of the north-western region. With the launch of Project tiger inthe tiger population showed a gradual increase and the census of puts the tiger population of the country at 3, Under Project tiger 23 tiger reserves have been established throughout the country, covering an area of 33, sq.

Unfortunately due to negligence of authorities and poaching the tiger population of India is decreasing at an alarming rate. In fact, some of the tiger reserves do not have any tigers at all.Short Essay On Tiger | Indian National Animal Essay |Lines About Tiger | Paragraph On Tiger | Speech On Tiger | Note On Tiger | Tiger Essay | Essay On Tiger Our Story Team.

Essay on Tiger – Our National Animal For Kids & Students. Essay on Tiger – Our National Animal For Kids & Students. Santosh Kumar • September 14, • No Comments • Introduction. A national animal is the representation of the country’s abundance in fauna.

It is usually selected based on its features and characteristics that one. This blog is just for our national animal i.e, TIGER who are decreasing day by alphabetnyc.com only tigers are left in INDIA. This blog is just to .

write about our national animal tiger

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