What is two factor authentication

Frequently asked questions How it works With two-factor authentication, your account can only be accessed on devices you trust, like your iPhone, iPad, or Mac. By entering the code, you're verifying that you trust the new device. You can also get a verification code from Settings on your trusted device.

What is two factor authentication

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Even the best password is no guarantee of security. Adding a second layer of defense can help you stay safe online. October 15, Dropbox denies that a breach took place. Many other Internet services provide this option as well, including GoogleFacebookAmazonand Apple.

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If you're not taking advantage of this technology, you should. The idea is this: Even if you create the strongest password in the worldthat won't keep criminals out of your account if they get their virtual hands on that password.

Consumers who use the same password for multiple accounts are especially vulnerable: If What is two factor authentication discover one of your accounts' passwords, they will try using it elsewhere too.

Two-step verification goes by various names, including two-factor authentication, but the process is the same. In addition to something you know—a password or PIN—you have to supply an additional credential to log into a secure site. For instance, once you enter a password, your bank or e-mail service may send a text message to your phone with an additional code that you need to enter to access your account.

Two-factor authentication can also use something you are: And the second credential could also involve a physical object, something you have, such as a smart phone or key fob with a built-in authentication mechanism.

Sean Leonard, CEO of a secure Web-mail and encryption company, Penango, says that two-factor authentication really improves your safety "While it is easy to figure out or skim passwords for most user accounts, getting access to the token is much harder,'' he said.

First you swipe your bank card something you have then enter a PIN something you know. Your bank account is safe from anyone who has either the card or your PIN, but not both. Online, you usually have to opt in to 2FA. With Google, for instance, you would register your smart-phone number with the company; whenever you log into your Google account for the first time on a new device, you'll receive a text on your phone with a unique verification code.

Enter that, and you're in. Visit our guide to Internet security for more news and advice on staying safe online.

Using 2FA is undoubtedly safer than protecting your accounts with just a password. But there is no such thing as perfect security. If your phone is stolen, the criminal could use a text message to gain access to accounts.

Additionally, 2FA does generate some inconvenience. If the second authentification factor is a physical object, Leonard said: If they lose it, it has to be replaced—costing issuers additional time and money.

Never use the same password at more than one account. A password that isn't impossible to remember can contain an internal core nonsense word with added characters indicating the site and some symbols you can change if needed.Two-factor and Multi-factor authentication solutions are used by businesses of all sizes – seeking to keep confidential data secure.

They can help to lower the likelihood of identity theft, as well as phishing scams, because criminals cannot compromise log-ins with usernames and password details alone. 2-Step Verification can help keep bad guys out, even if they have your password.

Imagine losing access to your account and everything in it When a bad guy steals your password, they could lock you. Two-factor authentication is a more secure method of verifying or validating your identity when you use online accounts, such as Facebook or your bank.

How it works

Authentication is an important aspect of . Two-factor authentication works with two separate security or validation mechanisms. Typically, one is a physical validation token, and one is a logical code or password.

Both must be validated before accessing a secured service or product. Apr 25,  · Two Factor Authentication is a new security feature available, this provides an extra layer of user authentication by requiring users to generate a unique PIN during login, which is sent to the user’s company email address.

What is two factor authentication

Two-factor authentication can also use biometric information like fingerprints or face authentication. And there are other forms of two-factor authentication, such as security tokens that produce.

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