Uber feasibility study

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Uber feasibility study

Share to Email With a rapidly growing population, the Town of Innisfil realized it needed to implement a public transit system for its citizens.

Tim Cane, centre, accepts J. Presenting the award are Karen Thoreson, former Alliance for Innovation CEO left and Katy Simon Holland, Interim CEO right Innisfil also presented their case study at the conference, highlighting their innovative partnership with Uber to provide a door-to-door, demand-based ridesharing transit service.

Innisfil is the first municipality in Canada to partner with Uber and is the first community in the world to have a transit system powered by Uber, rather than buses. Through this partnership, the town is also gathering much needed data to refine and improve the transit system in future implementation phases.

The partnership was inspired by an encounter between a town staff member and a member of the community, named Joanne.

Uber feasibility study

After seeing her walking routinely on his drive to work, a town staff member offered her a ride. As it turns out, she was a single mom walking to her daily shift at a local grocery store. Since a taxi fare would eat into her earnings, she chose to walk either kilometres Uber feasibility study and from work each day.

The question was posed: From this, the concept of an on-demand ridesharing transit option was born. To find a true transit solution for Innisfil that all residents could access, since only a portion would be within walking distance of the proposed bus routes, the team shook off notions of normal and looked for something entirely different that would work for the town.

The partnership also has the ability to generate a tremendous amount of useful data for the town. No more spending on costly third-party studies to speculate on rider needs locations, hours of operation, and fare rates.

By starting with Uber, the town created a low-cost transit option immediately, while simultaneously collecting accurate real-world data to develop their understanding of true transit needs.

The ability to establish this innovative partnership has required significant collaboration amongst numerous stakeholders, both internal and external to the community.

For example, a Community Action Committee made up of citizens and business owners was formed to explore demand-based transit solutions. The team also met several times with representatives of the local taxi companies, as well as other companies that have expressed interest in partnering with the town.

These groups have been part of the on-going dialogue to address local transit needs and the role they can play currently e. This shows significant cost savings compared to a traditional bus system. Other findings from the first two months of service: The more significant obstacles have involved ensuring that the service is accessible to all residents.

Those without a smartphone — For those without a smartphone or unable to use the technology required for the Uber service, the town developed a call-in service for residents where staff book Uber trips on their behalf. This is done through the Uber Central platform.

Knowing that residents without smartphones potentially represented a significant portion of our population that most needed public transit e. Those requiring wheelchair accessibility — Since Uber vehicles are not wheelchair accessible, the town also met with stakeholder groups to brainstorm and entered into a similar partnership with a local taxi company to provide wheelchair accessible trips.

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The same fare structure is in place for these trips. This is an ongoing challenge and the team are currently looking at ways to address this by offering incentives for drivers to be available for trips at certain times of the day. A transit solution for the future? As media attention has grown, both the town and Uber have been contacted by communities of all sizes throughout Canada and the United States.

These communities have been interested in establishing a similar partnership with Uber, as there is potential for it to be replicated in any community where there is a need for public transit.A technical feasibility study is an excellent tool for both troubleshooting and long-term planning.

It can serve as a flowchart of how your products and services evolve and move through your business to physically reach your market.

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Market Feasibility Barriers The vision portrayed above is ambitious, but we believe it is achievable in the coming decade if all the key actors in the VTOL ecosystem—regulators, vehicle designers, communities, cities.

Jul 22,  · Feasibility study looks at possible routes for Crenshaw North Extension by Steve Hymon, July 22, As Source readers already know, one of many eagerly sought Measure M transit projects is a northern extension of the Crenshaw/LAX Line.

In reply to IT lawmaker Charles Mok’s questioning, Secretary for Transport and Housing, Professor Anthony Cheung Bing-leung stated that the Government is reviewing current taxi services, and will also explore the feasibility of introducing premium taxi service, with .

Ride-sharing giant Uber will roll out its mobile app for the Greenwood and Newberry Uber going live in Greenwood The Burton Center initiated a feasibility study for Abbeville, Greenwood. • Until the results of a feasibility study on the north-south expansion are known, moving forward with the line makes no sense.

• Requiring fingerprints-based background checks for Uber.

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