The p&g sk-ii globalization project essay

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The p&g sk-ii globalization project essay

Why or why not? The high margin, multistep prestige SK-II product will probably not be viable as a global brand in all markets.

Consumer skin care preferences are unique in different regions of the world.

The p&g sk-ii globalization project essay

SK-II products are a huge success in Asia because Asian women in general prefer a clear, pale look on their skin, whereas women in western countries generally prefer a tan look on the their skin.

Multi-step facial care could also be a hindrance for new customers. On the other hand, China presents an immediate opportunity for the SK-II products in the elite care market, and this opportunity must not be missed. If SK-II were to go global, we believe that a slow, careful global expansion is ideal to mitigate risk with test markets.

Additionally, it would probably mean that SK-II products will require a hefty price cut to compete in more competitive markets in Europe or other western countries because these consumers do not recognize the brand and prestige. This will make it easier to crack into the skin care market and build brand loyalty.

Entering Chinese Market We ultimately recommend making the pilot program in the major cities of China the main focus of the company at this time.

China is undoubtedly an attractive market for SK-II. Beauty products in China work based on the Japanese model service at beauty countersas proven with Olay.

We agree with the quote in the case regarding the Chinese market that: Therefore, given the greater urgency with entering the Chinese market, we feel that this should be the main focus of the business at this time.

Of course, there are a few risks associated with entering the Chinese market. All of the big competitors in the prestige beauty segment are already competing in China. A lot of counterfeiting happens in China.

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However, we believe that the upside potential of China outweighs these risks. Japanese Market Considerations There are many attractive reasons to expand the product line in Japan. For example, per capita, Japanese women consume the most beauty products in the world.

Because there is already awareness and traction for SK-II in Japan, the investment in Japan to expand into new product would be minimal in comparison with entry in to other markets.

However, there are a few risks in expanding the product line in Japan. Europeans are sophisticated and are used to multi-step facial care.P&G Japan: The SK-II Globalization Project Video Case Solution, Paolo de Cesare and AG Lafley analyzed the strategic and organizational challenges them to make the decision whether the renowned Japanese beauty product.

Read:P&G Japan: The SKII Globalization Project case. Does SK-II have the potential to become a global brand within Procter & Gamble's worldwide operations? Oct 09,  · This video is unavailable.

Watch Queue Queue. Watch Queue Queue. P&G Japan: The SK-II Globalization Project When looking at the archetype of P&G it can be seen that it is an Multi Centred MNE. Which consists of a set of entrepreneurial subsidiaries abroad which are key to knowledge-based FSA development. Summary Paolo de Cesare and A.G.

Lafley review the strategic and organizational challenges they face in deciding whether to make the prestigious Japanese beauty product SK-II a global brand. P&G Case Study Summary Statement/Abstract P&G is a global company that is involved in many different markets including beauty and grooming and household care.

P&g Japan: Sk-Ii Globalization Essay