The ideas for the changes in army leadership doctorine

You can help by adding to it. Ferdinand Fochas an instructor, argued against the concept of a commander moving units without informing subordinates of his intentions.

The ideas for the changes in army leadership doctorine

Synchronizing Field and Sustainment Support: Heussner, Lieutenant Colonel Geoffrey C. This opportunity to review and refine sustainment doctrine was a collaborative effort of leaders with extensive experience in both the generating and operating forces.

The introspection brought to light a number of challenges on the path ahead but, most importantly, set the conditions for an indepth discussion of structures, roles, responsibilities, authorities, funding, materiel management, and support operations.

The general consensus of those attending the conference was that sustainment brigades were developed in theory, put into action, and proved to be highly successful operating within the initial doctrinal limits.

Simplifying field-level sustainment through a single organizational construct that collects requirements and either satisfies them or coordinates for the needed resources and solutions across the sustainment spectrum is the next progressive step in our evolution.

Further, the roles, responsibilities, processes, and functions must be realigned to ensure that sustainment optimization occurs. The Army of Excellence AOE sustainment community had to transform from a structure of corps support commands, corps support groups CSGsdivision support commands DISCOMsand main and forward support battalions into a structure of enterprise-focused sustainment commands, distribution-centric sustainment brigades, and robust brigade support battalions BSBs.

The transformation included modularization to allow us to send only the elements that are needed for a specific mission rather than entire organizations, thus achieving tailorable logistics.

Eight years after transforming, the sustainment community continues to provide unparalleled support to the warfighter. However, echeloned support from the sustainment brigade to the theater sustainment command TSC and related doctrine have created both intended and unintended consequences.

The intent of transformation and modularization was to gain efficiencies by streamlining sustainment structure and operations from the tactical to the strategic levels of operations. The reality is that sustainment transformed into two parallel lines of operational support.

The BSBs, sustainment brigades, expeditionary sustainment commands, and TSCs form an operational line that runs parallel to the enterprise line conducted under the umbrella of the Army Materiel Command which includes the life-cycle management commands, the Army Sustainment Command, and the AFSBs.

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The function of the operational line is to manage sustainment and distribution from the theater entry point to the brigade combat team BCT and EAD units. The function of the enterprise line is to manage acquisition logistics and technology from the tactical through the strategic level.

The two lines only meet at the strategic level; they do not meet at the point of need. But the opportunity exists to meet structurally or doctrinally at the field level of logistics.

Proposed Changes What follows are some proposed sustainment brigade theoretical and doctrinal changes. These proposals are based on the conclusions of the February conference of sustainment leaders. At times, the proposed changes reach back to AOE doctrine in order to illustrate, clarify, or translate concepts for recommended changes into current doctrine.

This is because AOE sustainment offers context and benchmarks where gaps and friction points resulted from transformation. Synchronizer of Sustainment Army doctrine should recognize that the sustainment brigade is the single entry point and the sustainment brigade commander is the lead integrator and synchronizer of sustainment at the field level of logistics both for the division and EAD units.

All brigade and division commanders look to the sustainment brigade commander as the one stop for EAB and EAD support integration. The sustainment brigade is resourced to accomplish these functions. At the field level of logistics, the sustainment brigade is generally the lead synchronizer and senior sustainment adviser across the division and installation.

The sustainment brigade commander synchronizes with the Army field support battalion AFSBn commander and with the installation director of logistics to coordinate sustainment-level enterprise support.

The sustainment brigade SOC, where established, is accomplishing these functions now. The SOC is the nexus where the two parallel lines of sustainment—operational and enterprise—can meet within the field level of sustainment.

The SOC in effect lowers the walls and enables a fusion of communication and coordination within the field level of logistics. The doctrine that governed the sustainment of the AOE Army was clearly understood.

This single mission command is more effective and efficient and supports the intent of reducing logistics fratricide and excess.Unlike most editing & proofreading services, we edit for everything: grammar, spelling, punctuation, idea flow, sentence structure, & more. Get started now!

The ideas for the changes in army leadership doctorine

FM , Army Leadership - Department of Military Science. Nov 05,  · A Concise History of the U.S. Air Force/Interwar Doctrine, Organization, and Technology Interwar Doctrine, Organization, and Technology. Throughout history, an attacking army fought its way through a defending army to get to its enemy's vital centers.

Strategic bombers would fly over the army to strike at the enemy's heart. ADP 1 (The Army), (Unified Land Operations), (Training), and (Army Leadership) are approved by the Chief of Staff of the Army. Current plan is for the ADPs to have a single video book that visually portrays the key ideas.

by allowing them the opportunity to provide recommended changes to Army Technique Publications. The. Being a woman in the military can be challenging, but the Army provides female Soldiers the opportunity for mentorship and support. The Sisters in Arms program is specifically designed to support women and helps women in the Army with mentorship, career progression, and camaraderie.

Military doctrine is the expression of how military forces contribute to campaigns, major operations, battles, and engagements.. It is a guide to action, rather than hard and fast rules.

Doctrine provides a common frame of reference across the military. It helps standardize operations, facilitating readiness by establishing common ways of accomplishing military tasks.

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