The causes of tardiness among freshmen students

Tardies also add up to absences in many schools.

The causes of tardiness among freshmen students

This is because, Nigeria, being an African country, previously colonized by the British, and a third world country, is still bedeviled with political, social and economic problems which can be resolved only through sound education. The Nigerian National Policy on Education, a document first published in is the foundational document on any aspect or issues relating to education in Nigeria.

The subject of lateness to school, though not specifically mentioned in the National Policy on Education, may however be related to ascertain elements in every aspects of the policy. A pupil who was not in the school during morning assembly may miss out on some important information and may thus be subject to some acts that could cause disharmony in the institution.

The foundations of the philosophy of education are also threatened by lateness to school: A perpetually late coming pupil will certainly not develop into an effective citizen and may not be fully integrated into the community. The ramifications of lateness to school can also adversely affect the attainment of certain aspects of the National Education goals.

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The aspects that can be affected include: Lateness to school may also extend its effect to affect the stated orientation of Nigerian education, namely: There are various measures adopted by the government towards the attainment of the goals and values of education.

Two of these measures can be related to the resolution of the effects of lateness to school. Not only does lateness affect the rubric of the National Policy on Education, lateness to school fundamentally affects the fabrics of the society.

As a result, every society takes steps and measures to forestall the occurrence of such a devastating habit. For example, school Rules and Regulations published by Kaduna State Ministry of Education August provided for the following academic rules among others: To elucidate causes of lateness to school.

To determine the extent of incidence of late coming in GGSS. To evaluate the consequences of lateness to school. To proffer possible solutions to the consequences. The goal of the education policy to inculcate the right type of values and attitudes for the survival of the individual and Nigerian society will not be attained if lateness to school is not curbed.

The causes of tardiness among freshmen students

This study will go a long way to illuminate this phenomenon and provide policy makers with facts that can be used to provide solutions. Every attempt was made to prevent the influence of views or responses. Only one school was investigated in the case study.

However, the concept of lateness presupposes that there is a concept of time. Time has been studied by philosophers and scientists for 2, years but many issues still remain unresolved for example, the issue of what exactly time is, if time is related to mind and whether the future and the past are real.

The controversies notwithstanding, time is only definable within certain given frames of reference. These frames of reference are otherwise known as theories of time as espoused by well known Philosophers.

A mathematical theory of continuity to physical processes espoused by Grunbaum implies that time is a linear continuum.

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The linearity of time predisposes it to directionality. The arrow of a physical process is the way it normally goes the way it unfolds.

Time as a process unfolds. Time as a process unfolds or goes in only one way. It is unidirectional, an irreversible process. A different but also popular theory of time was that of Alfred North Whitehead. This simply implies there do not exist any times which are not detectable in principle by a physical process.

Of the three theories, time is most commonly seen in relation to a combination of all the theories. This immediately bears out the time is a quantifiable directional and composed of successive instants in which events happen.

This is the time that accurate clocks measure. The concept of time is better understood as a component of the measuring system, used to sequence events to compare the duration of events and the intervals between them to quantify the motion of objects Wikipedia.

Among prominent Philosophers the Newtonian time is defined as a dimension in which events occur in sequence Rynasiewicz, According to Hall,Time is one of these fundamental bases on which and around which all human activities revolve.College without Compromise.

The College of Biblical Studies applauds home school families for their years of dedication and hard work to among the noblest of causes. Nonetheless, some reasons that cause the tardiness among students can tell whether it is being committed or not or being peer pressured.

When students come to class late, it can disrupt the flow of a lecture or discussion, distract other students, impede learning, and generally erode class morale%(5). In this study, the research team studied the effects of student’s attendance on academic performance; with the major objective of the study is to investigate the relationship between student attendance and academic performance and to examine factors that affect student.

The causes of tardiness among freshmen students

Taming the Tardies Every Minute Counts By Randy Sprick and K Daniels. Reasons for Student Tardiness Students are social animals. If they are late to class, they can have an Obstructed hallway flow can cause students to be late for classes.

There is no one cause and many students have an occasional lateness - their parent's car would not start up properly. A parent overslept.

The child overslept and missed the school's transportation to school. There was an accident on the highway and traffic was stopped. Chronic lateness is another matter. Tardiness can be a cause of resentment among your early-bird coworkers and may result in productivity losses for your organization, especially if it’s widespread.

If your salary is $30, a year, it costs your company $2, if .

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