Sap project management

The good project plan focuses on three areas: Cost management, Resource management and Execution management. The execution plan needs to consider scope, risks and timeline.

Sap project management

Deloitte has many well-known SAP project failures that are not isolated events. Is Deloitte a good firm to use for SAP implementations? They are a large SAP implementor. However, some significant issues with Sap project management Deloitte that companies should be aware of are listed below.

Introduction Deloitte has a high number of problematic SAP projects. The exact ratio of problem projects to overall projects is difficult to estimate, and even projects where Deloitte is sued by its clients, are declared by Deloitte as not their fault.

Why is Issue Management in SAP projects important?

However, of the few that go to court, many others leave the client in a worse state than when Deloitte arrived on site. The following are well-known SAP implementation failures, and three of the five have gone to lawsuits.

These include the following: Levi Strauss having a significant reduction in earnings which they attribute to the Deloitte lead implementation. With Southern California Edison, Deloitte at one point during their project moved away from showing project plans to the company to keep SCE from knowing how far behind the project is.

Disabling Clients Finally, with the Los Angeles Unified School District, their implementation prevented them for a time from even printing paychecks. The accusations against Deloitte from multiple clients quite serious. Similar suits are in the works or have occurred from Symbol Technologies, Parmalat, and Bears Stearns.

One of these being Applied Materials, which is considered a nightmare account by Sap project management consultants at Deloitte. Many Deloitte consultants complain that the project problems, which are often caused by Deloitte partners senior level decision makers which created bad blood for the client.

Furthermore, there is very little accountability at Deloitte at the higher levels so that the senior members can drop any problems on the account to the most junior members of the company. Deloitte does not invest in sufficient training or infrastructure.

Deloitte makes very high margins off of their clients, but those monies do not flow to consulting infrastructure. These are just a few signals that the partner level is pulling too much compensation from the company, and not giving enough for the operations of the business.

Consulting is how Deloitte makes money or how it bills, but it is sales and litigation that are the things Deloitte does best. Therefore the beginning and end of the consulting relationship.

Credit must be given where it is due, and at litigation and marketing, they are best in class. However, it is the middle part, the delivery of value where Deloitte has a problem. If they were to use their strategy consultants to develop steps to go forward, they might recommend outsourcing the consulting business to someone who can deliver value but keep the marketing and litigation capabilities under the Deloitte umbrella.

However, that is the extent of their excellence. Working on or with Deloitte is quite frustrating because they do not set expectations appropriately nor do they know how to bring together the right skills to bring off successful implementations.

Conclusion SAP projects are risky endeavors. However, based on my analysis of over a hundred SAP implementations, whether the lead implementation partner is one of the strongest indicators as to whether the project will fail.

Deloitte needs to change its internal culture to begin creating a more honest partner class that has accountability so that clients can trust them again. Deloitte is overly concentrated on profit maximization. This means getting the highest margins for resources.

So hiring the absolute least expensive resources, which means very high levels of outsourcing, and then charging the most for them. That is they lie convincingly, and they lie for a living.

We have worked on and followed many Deloitte projects. In all of those projects, we have yet to see a single instance where Deloitte did anything but put its interests ahead of its clients and raid as much money as possible from the account.

They are a sales organization first and designed to make money for the top partners. Are you a client of Deloitte that has yet to see the value? Deloitte is an excellent company to follow on projects as a consulting entity because they work quality is normally so poor.

After we review work, our clients will normally greet us with a variety of off-color nicknames for Deloitte. But we provide an objective third party audit of Deloitte.

We can review the billings of Deloitte, and then compare them with the achieved deliverables. We can determine if you have a potential legal case against Deloitte.

We are not attorneys.I have 10 yrs experience in Project Management and looking to get into SAP as a SAP project manager. What are my next steps. Do you recommend any SAP BI (which is my special interest) introductory course which can provide me the basic technical knowledge.

Deloitte has many well-known SAP project failures that are not isolated events.

Sap project management

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