Interview with david field managing director

Preparation for an interview with a prospective executive director is paramount to hiring the most qualified person for this top management position. An interview carried out to recruit an executive director typically lasts an hour, during which the board asks the applicant four or five effective questions. Problem-Solving Questions Problem-solving skills questions aim at finding out how the applicant deals with workplace demands, how she approaches and solves problems, whether she plans in advance for problems that may face the organization and how well she uses available resources to alleviate or mitigate problems. An example of a problem-solving question is:

Interview with david field managing director

David Dew has been working in banking in the Middle East and other emerging markets for 40 years, and you might think he has seen it all. But the merger between SABB and Alawwal in Saudi Arabia — which he is steering through to completion next year — is a career achievement for him.

It is a historic transaction, Dew explains.

Interview with david field managing director

The transaction has its origins in the different imperatives of foreign banks operating in the Kingdom. RBS and its consortium partners — from Spain and Holland — wanted to reduce their overseas footprint.

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Getting out of Alawwal was a logical move from that perspective. RBS and the Spanish bank Santander — which would each have about 4 percent of the enlarged company — have undertaken not to sell their shares for six months after completion. An important part of the Vision plan is the financial sector development program, and this merger shows it is working.

The deal has been quite a long time in gestation, and much of that time has been taken up in getting it just right from a regulatory standpoint. The next key group of stakeholders are the shareholders on both sides. Both have recused themselves from involvement in the merger negotiations.

But both boards have recommended the merger terms. There will be a circular from both parties to all shareholders, we hope, by the end of the year. It will also be the leading cash management business, and a significant foreign exchange provider.

In the retail sector, it will never be as big as NCB or Al Rajhi, market leaders with more than 50 percent of the retail market between them. It will also have around 20 percent of the Saudi credit card market, he estimated.

For retail customers, we will offer additional scale and focus, especially on the digital side. They are pretty good in digital already. The final group of stakeholders are the employees.

We have promised and we mean it, that there will be no involuntary redundancies. That does not mean there will be no losses through attrition.

The new bank will have 4, employees, more than 90 percent of them Saudi citizens and 20 percent women. Its new chairperson will be Lubna Olayan, head of the eponymous conglomerate and one of the leading business figures in the Kingdom. To have somebody like that as chair of the new bank is an incredibly powerful statement.

The bank will start operating in what Dew sees as an improving economic and financial environment in the Kingdom, with the long-promised privatization and initial public offering program materializing.

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