If i could write a symphony for susan

I am looking for any information that might help me find this tape.

If i could write a symphony for susan

From This Side of the Pond: I Hear A Symphony

I was singing before most kids could talk Johnny Ray songs, I've been told so my parents, sensing I had some talent, enrolled me at the Cleveland Institute of Music at the age of two and a half.

My Dad's sister was a prodigy on the violin and viola and played with the Cleveland Symphony Orchestra for forty three years under the great George Szell, and I used to get to sit on stage with them while they rehearsed. I was sort of their mascot. It was quite an experience. I'd go to all the concerts with my Grandmother and watch my Aunt Muriel play all that gorgeous music, and I decided I wanted to do that as well.

I started classical piano lessons when I was eleven and caught on pretty quickly. By twelve, I was writing songs of my own.

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I was so moved by "West Side Story," that I went to the theater to see it eleven times! Leonard Bernstein rocked my world. I taught myself to play guitar sort of and joined my first band a few months later.

For the next few years, I bounced from one band to another until I eventually wound up with three guys who had, at one time, been my heroes. That band was the Raspberries. We became immensely popular by going completely against the grain in Prog-rock was "in," and FM radio clutched it to its bosom.

Looking back, we might have been the very first "alternative" band. Critics liked us, girls liked us, but their 18 year old, album buying brothers said "no.


We were the alternative to long boring flute solos and all the other stuff people thought was so "heavy" back then. InI recorded my first solo album for the newly formed Arista Records, and "All By Myself" became the first single and went on to become an international top five record.

Right about the same time, I got a call to write for a movie called Footloose and "Almost Paradise" became a big hit. A couple of years later I was asked to sing and produce a little song called "Hungry Eyes" for the film Dirty Dancing.

That worked out rather well. I think just those two soundtracks sold about 30, records. A few years later Celine Dion and superstar producer David Foster decided to remake "All By Myself" and that album sold about 28, more records and pretty much established "All By Myself" as a franchise.

Well, as you can imagine, that was a bit unreal. There were times, I admit, when I had to pinch myself, notably, when we performed on the David Letterman Show, which is taped in the Ed Sullivan Theater, on the stage where The Beatles were the first time I saw them.I’m sure you have all heard of the great composer Beethoven and his famous piece the 9 th Symphony.

It was heralded as a work of genius because Beethoven did something that had never been done before: he added voices in the fourth and last movement. I could write a whole blog on origins of both terms and their overlapping similarities and stark differences, but that would be digressing.

I also will not delve into inaccurate and annoying stereotypes of geeks and nerds perpetuated by the media.

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In honor of Poetry Friday I present my first poet, Rod McKuen. If you are twenty or thirty something, chances are you have no idea who I am talking about.

and Symphony Association memberships. How could it be easier?

if i could write a symphony for susan

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Written by Susan Hood • Illustrated by Sally Wern Comport. “A symphony of sound helped to lift them [the gancheros] beyond the heat, the stench, and their aching backs.” what would they be?

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