Essay writing on future of pakistan

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Essay writing on future of pakistan

No doubt, these evils have been sucking the blood of Pakistani society since the beginning of Pakistan. These ills dominate the society to such an extent that majority of masses are trapped in the net of poverty and illiteracy.

There is no escaping the fact that Essay writing on future of pakistan system of democracy relies heavily on educated society for its proper evolution, where people perceive the worth of democratic values, where people are aware of the real importance of elections.

Unfortunately, in Pakistani society where most of the masses are not sure if they would have two meals a day, it would be silly and illogical to expect them to care for democratic values.

Thus, it is really hard for the plant of democracy to grow properly in presence of social diseases of poverty and illiteracy.

The role of the interference of foreign hands, especially the USA, cannot be denied as far as weakening of democratic norms in the country is concerned. It has never given rise to such efforts that could prove conducive for the growth of democracy in Pakistan.

It has always been at the forefront to reinforce the undemocratic elements in Pakistan, causing great damage to the development of democracy in the country. If Pakistan has seen most of its period under the dictators, the role of the USA is also undeniable in this regard.

Dictators have remained recipients of huge amounts of American aid throughout the history of the country. In addition to foreign meddling, the fact that the political culture in Pakistan is imbued with degenerated political norms has also exacerbated the scenario with respect to growth of democracy in the country.

Diseased traditions like horse-trading, floor crossing, nasty opposition, haughty attitudes and political intolerance dominate the political culture. In truly democratic countries, opposition plays a healthy role to promote democratic values.

It never hesitates to appreciate those policies of the ruling party which ensure national integrity or promote public welfare. But unfortunately, the opposition in Pakistan is bent on criticizing the policies of the government, no matter how constructive they are.

In the presence of such diseased political norms, democratic values cannot be propagated on proper lines.

Although the abovementioned factors have made the prospects of democracy highly bleak in the country, but there have emerged some optimistic trends over the last couple of years, which provide a ray of hope with respect to the future of democracy in the country.

It would be quite appropriate to take into account these trends in order to have a better view of the scenario. Most important of such trends is the emergence of free media in the country. Needless to say, the freedom of media is linked with the growth of democracy.

Both depend on each other for their healthy growth. Not only has media won its freedom, but it also has realized its true rule to promote the true spirit of democracy in Pakistan. The active participation of media in the political culture of the country is also favourable for the evolution of democracy in its true spirit.

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Not only has media won its freedom, so has done the judiciary. In the past, the judiciary was always led by dictatorial regimes as a tool to legitimate their rule. They used it as a puppet to serve their undemocratic designs.

But now the situation has changed altogether. After a long period of drowsiness, judiciary has at last awakened to play its true rule. It has resolved not to allow any steps which could mar its independent spirit. The Supreme Court is often seen taking suo motu notice of different issues arising due to the negligence of the government.

Above all, the removal of Nawaz Sharif from the office in the wake of Panama Leaks by the apex court is a sign of independence of judiciary in the country.

Undoubtedly, this sign will go a long way to promote the development of democracy in this country. These are some keywords: Recently, it has been seen that the civil society has also raised its voice in favour of democracy. Lawyers, doctors and different social organisations, and human rights, activists are usually seen protesting against the undemocratic behaviour of the government.

Thus, the awakening of the civil society is a healthy sign which is quite conducive to the development of democracy in this country.Future of Music in Pakistan The future of music in Pakistan is very bright, since a wide range of music compositions are now being made and as more and more types of genre are being introduced the music industry is slowly taking its turn towards a whole new world of musical aspirations.

BA English Essay: Energy crisis in Pakistan December 21, | Filed under: BA Essays | Posted by: mehreen BA English Essay: Energy crisis in Pakistan Pakistan is experiencing the worst economic crisis since its creation. Factories and power looms are being . DEMOCRACY IN PAKISTAN An Essay by ALI IQBAL “Government of the people, by the people, for the people” This is what Lincoln has to say about Democracy.

The above statement of this great statesman says it all. A form of Government which is made for the people by the people around and it consist of the people from within.

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Essay writing on future of pakistan

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