Custom watermark letterhead paper

My attorneys appreciate the quality and elegance the letterhead portrays…When your stationery sets the tone, it is easy for clients to feel assured that their attorneys are top notch. Do you want to learn more about engraving and the impact it can have on your image? Read on… Introduction to Engraving Engraving brings unparalleled elegance and dimension to everything it touches.

Custom watermark letterhead paper

All are superb CTO full gum, all with neat cds. Popular thematic and big seller to AFL and sport fans. Near all on the market are the self-adhesive. This sheetlet was the ONLY source of used copies of the perforated lick and stick stamps.

The scarcest post war emission from Australia. Custom watermark letterhead paper reasonable fakes of these do exist, and eBay is awash with them of course, but are easily picked apart with experience, which of course no first time Bunny Buyers ever have!

From an original old collection, and comes complete with my Guarantee of Genuineness. About pages, 1, colour illustrations of Specimen stamps, CTOs and postal stationary etc.

Weight near 3 kilos 7lbsall cello shrink wrapped for gift giving etc, and blue silk page markers etc. The prestigious Royal Philatelic Society London has just awarded it the Crawford Medal, for "the most valuable and original contribution to the study and knowledge of philately published in book form, during the past two years" I only have a few left from my large purchase from the UK, so order NOW if you want it at this price.

When they are sold out, they are never reprinted, and this type of book is the type of thing that is eternally sought by future collectors, often at several times issue price. James is NOT a young man, and told me this is his last Edition. James was for decades the "go to" man for all World Specimen stamps.

A specialist dealer in this area, I sold him some rare pieces that came my way, including some from a South Pacific nation PO archive.

He saw it "all" over 60 years or more in dealing. Fully endorsed and recommend by Australia Post - their letter enclosed to that effect.

Comes with numbered Certificate of Authenticity, and cleaning cloth, and handmade horn lifter etc, and in a handmade green soft quilted, handmade leather Presentation Case, with gold embossing and real brass highlights and fittings.

And a large leather-bound matched book in original shipping box. A GEM of a production. Most sets are certainly missing the brass key.

This one is "as new" - truly. Still with huge matching Leather Bound matching coffee table book, near always absent. From poor to superb. Many collectors find it really tough to sort and source these by watermark and Dies accurately. Not one dealer has done that kind of ad - before or since.

From budget conscious pensioners filling 5 albums for their grandchildren, where space-fillers of scarcer values will suffice perfectly, to multi-millionaires who want and buy the BEST - from cars and houses If you want a complete set of "Melbourne Dec 3, " half circle gloss black cancels on 1st watermark - I can supply them.

If you want just lovely postally Superb Used like those in the photo nearby - I have always been the 1 choice to buy from. And unlike mint - no-one goes about regumming used Kangaroos! USED are a tiny fraction of that, as you can see below.

McNess accumulation of used "OS" perfins. He was obsessed with accumulating these issues, and had books full.This Glen Stephens Stamp Rarity Page features worldwide rare, unusual, and one-of-a-kind items, all NETT PRICED with superb scans, and detailed descriptions.

Custom watermark letterhead paper

It is Australia's MOST visited stamp dealer web page - indeed one of the world's most visited. "Philatelic Porn" as one client joked! Bookmark it, and check EVERY day, because as you can . Aug 09,  · Brand images can also be projected through high-end collateral, including top-quality letterhead with custom watermarks.

The watermark also . Your custom watermark image can be your signature, a monogram, a family crest or just your name in stylized lettering. A minimally designed letterhead printed out on this paper will look very exclusive - in fact, just the letter paper itself with its personalized watermark is a neat piece of custom stationery.

With Canva, you may choose from our range of professional ready-to-use layouts, over 1 million stock images, illustrations, and icons. Your letterhead will then be saved in your Canva account for future use or you may revisit your design any time for any changes.

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