Biology 12 vocabulary

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Biology 12 vocabulary

Monomer of nucleic acid made up of a 5-carbon sugar. Chromatin Granular material visible within the nucleus. Histone Protein molecule around which DNA is tightly coiled in chromatin. Replication Copying process by which a cell duplicates its DNA.

Gene Sequence of DNA that codes for a protein and thus determines a trait. Ribosomal RNA Are made of several dozens of protein. Transcription Loss of water from a plant through its leaves.

Intron Sequence of DNA that is not involved in coding for a protein. Exon Expressed sequence of DNA; codes for a protein.

Codon Three-nucleotide sequence on messenger RNA that codes for a single amino acid. Translation Decoding of a mRNA message into a polypeptide chain. Mutations Change in a DNA sequence that affects genetic information.

Point Mutations Gene mutation involving changes in one or a few nucleotides. Frameshift Mutations That shifts the reading frame of the genetic message by inserting or deleting a nucleotide.

Polyploidy Condition in which an organism has extra sets of chromosomes, Operon Group of genes operating together.

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Operator Region of chromosome in an operon to which the repressor binds when the operon in turned off. Differentiation Process in which cells become specialized in structure and function.Chapters 11, 12, Prentice Hall Biology.

Directions: On a separate piece of paper, answer the following questions in complete sentences. Section Mutations. Step-by-step solutions to all your Biology homework questions - Slader.


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Biology 12 vocabulary

Start studying Biology Chapter 12 Vocab. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Ninth Grade Vocabulary List Words Definitions SAT selections 1.

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